LDJam #46


Keeep it alive

About Game

The farm is on the verge of bankruptcy. You have to choose which seeds to grow and sell to merchants in exchange for money to keep the farm alive personally . Some seeds have short planting time but low price, and some grow for a long time with high price. Water and fertilizer in the soil decrease over time, and you need money to buy water and fertilizer. How to keep the farm alive, it’s all about your choices. By the way, the flower will die if you don’t log on to the game for a long time.

About Us

This is the first time we attend LDJam. The the game is simple. There were only two of us, and neither of us know how to draw. By the way it’s a very exciting 72-hour way to make a game, we can make something by this way. We will continue to do some games in the future. Thanks.



English Version:http://download.mfstudio.cc/index.php?share/file&user=1&sid=Yc6aMDiJ